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sarah refvem


individual + group therapist

my practice:

The transition to parenthood can present a range of emotions and responses, some exciting, some scary and some overwhelmingly confusing. My intention as a Social Worker and companion on the journey is that this space be a place of refuge and kinship to share in and navigate the experiences together. 


I believe that the answers lie within each individual, so together we work to discover and build upon innate strengths. Our relationship is key, yet the power lies with you. The therapeutic room is a place to reclaim your autonomy and control in the ever changing landscape of parenthood and life transitions. I specialize in perinatal support, covering topics such as family planning, parenthood and skill building, and reproductive mental health. 


I draw from a diverse background to tailor support to your specific needs. I pull from my social work roots, focusing on Existential Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, DBT and Attachment Theory. I blend these guideposts with my background in the Eastern healing arts, as a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. I am honored to join you on your path and together we will illuminate the darkest spots.

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+ Adelaide is under the clinical supervision of Veronica Mollere, LCSW, BACS.

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