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christine johnson

she / they

individual + group therapist

my practice:

Hi, I’m CJ! I know the process of finding a good fit for therapy can be overwhelming, and I honor the work you’ve already done to arrive here. I believe in a therapeutic relationship rooted in transparency, collaboration, and respect for the wisdom you bring in as the expert on your own life and experiences. My role is to tap into that wisdom and walk with you out of the places you feel stuck. My work is primarily rooted in Internal Family Systems therapy but is also influenced by Narrative Therapy and Interpersonal Process therapy. I am also a Board-Certified Music Therapist and welcome all forms of creative expression into our work together if that feels right for you. These approaches help me understand how your relationships, experiences, and external contexts have influenced, and been influenced by, your internal world.


I work with teens and adults on a variety of personal and relational journeys, whether your hope is to heal, dismantle, deepen, cultivate, express, find answers, or clarify questions. I have a particular interest in understanding and navigating complex trauma, including religious trauma and deconstruction processes, trauma from compliance-based therapies for neurodivergent folks, negative experiences within the “troubled teen” industry, and other trauma stemming abuse of the healing process. I am committed to providing informed and affirming care to LGBTQIA+ individuals and am a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

+ waitlist available +

+ CJ is under the clinical supervision of Rebecca Garside,


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