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Elana Cohen

elana cohen

my practice:

I approach counseling with a holistic lens, focusing on mind-body wellness as a path to healing individually and collectively. I am passionate about relational therapeutic models with a particular interest in complex trauma and early attachment injuries. There is so much to learn from examining how we engage in relationships. I believe that they can provide pathways for healing and the opportunity to implement new skills. I am dedicated to providing trauma-informed care in order to meet the needs of each individual client.


I will bring compassion and patience while working with you to understand where and how you want to see change in your life. My goal is for you to feel ownership within the therapeutic relationship and for therapy to be a place to try things on and reflect. Through this work, I hope to support you as you move toward healing, empowerment, connection, integration, and self-empathy.

Under supervision of University faculty and Veronica Mollere, LCSW-BACS

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