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maria klaffky


individual , group + relationship therapist

my practice:

I believe that every encounter is fertile ground for relationships. In my approach to therapy, our relationship is rooted in a collaboration between seekers who believe in the healing potential of the therapeutic process and are open to experience a true encounter of empathetic curiosity. I believe in the power of connection and aim to foster it in the therapy space, including encouraging connection with the self, which can often be lost in the many roles we play in our lives.


I am a mother, a partner, a sister, and a friend who comes from a multicultural background; and my life informs my work as a therapist who focuses on reproductive mental health and trauma. I serve those who are specifically seeking support in their perinatal journeys, including individuals navigating infertility and fertility treatments. I’m deeply informed by my personal value of parenthood, including my own experience of grief and loss. I hold space for my individual clients and their narratives while offering solidarity in an often changing landscape of family planning, pregnancy, postpartum, and more. 


My style is warm, insightful, compassionate, soulful, and calm. Guided by the tools of person-centered therapy, yoga, and mindfulness, I adaptively and sensitively support my clients unique identities and experiences. I aim to find a place of deep knowing inside my clients and between us, and to foster a safe enough space for the discoveries that therapy can illuminate. I also have experience working with creatives, spiritual seekers, and anyone yearning to understand the ways in which their external experiences and circumstances have shaped their own relationship to themselves. Therapy can be a vital reminder of our innate gift to connect and find our own strength in relationship to others. I look forward to supporting English and Spanish speakers alike in their unique journey toward wholehearted healing and strength.

+ accepting clients +

+ Maria is under the clinical supervision of

Rebecca Garside MS, NCC, LPC-S



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