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river hollows

they / them

individual, group, + relationship therapist

my practice:

Whether you’re seeking to heal, feel, grow, or explore unasked questions, it can be uncomfortable to begin the process, let alone with someone new. My approach is non-judgmental, trauma-informed, and collaborative in an effort to cultivate trust, safety, and respect. From there we seek out the core of your troubles, honor the strategies that have gotten you this far, relieve suffering as we are able, and foster growth where it is wanted. 

Guided by a Relational-Cultural approach to therapy, I believe profound healing can happen in relationships. I view clients as individuals embedded within multiple communities and storylines that can enliven and/or constrict their sense of self, belonging, and freedom. Together, we’ll identify patterns and areas where you may feel stuck to better understand your place within it all and guide us through your counseling. 

I work with clients who struggle with painful pasts or parts of themselves, who use drugs, are grieving, anxious, depressed, navigating marginalized identities, survivors, people feeling confused, hopeless, afraid, and alone. I work with adults, teens, groups, families, couples and non-monogamous relationships. I work with LGBTQIA+ clients and am a part of that community. In addition to being a PLPC, I hold a BA in Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity and an MA in Intermedia Art. This background has equipped me with a critical, anti-racist framework for understanding individual, generational, and collective trauma, as well as creative, embodied, and intuitive processes for healing within those legacies. 

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+ River is provisionally licensed and under the supervision of Walesa Kanarek, M.S., LPC-S

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