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trauma healing and resilience intensives

Do you find yourself stuck or unable to make shifts in regular talk therapy?

Are there places you'd like to go in your healing journey but can't find your way there?

Our founder, Veronica Mollere, LCSW-BACS offers accelerated trauma healing and resilience intensives. Using a dignity affirming and shame sensitive framework with trauma-focused modalities such as EMDR, clinical hypnotherapy, somatic, and ego-state approaches, she helps you to move toward an integrative experience. 

Additionally, Well Psychotherapy believes in healing the whole person, and collaborates with multiple disciplines to foster a mindful, embodied, neurobiological, spiritual approach to healing trauma. Your resilience plan will include referrals to body and breathwork, holistic psychiatry or integrative medical providers, diverse therapeutic modalities, and spiritual resources unique to your needs.


Current and former clients of any therapist of Well Psychotherapy eligible for reduced rates. If you are interested in learning more, please email Veronica directly at


one to two 80-minute sessions:
gather history, conduct relevant assessments, collaborate on goals and set intentions, introduce resources

Processing + Practice

one to three 3-5 hour sessions:
create a resourced and relational space for processing using mind/body/brain modalities

Putting it all together

one to two 80-minute sessions:
integrate your experiences, codify coping skills, establish rhythms and practices for ongoing healing, referrals to aftercare services

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