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Our current job openings:

Full-time Therapist

Well Psychotherapy is seeking qualified and enthusiastic full-time clinicians for a growing trauma-informed group private practice in New Orleans, Louisiana.

full time therapist @ Well Psychotherapy

our ideal candidates are of diverse identities and background and are:

responsibilities + qualifications

-   Maintains current licensure in good standing as a social worker, counselor, or psychologist in the State of Louisiana, provisionally licensed candidates are required to be under clinical supervision

-   Demonstrates comfort in providing 15 minute consultations to prospective clients

-   Demonstrated competence in assessment, treatment planning, and providing psychotherapy measured by minimum 1 year experience during training or employment

-   Demonstrated experience working with marginalized communities (ie., LGBTQIA, BIPOC, trauma survivors, substance use and dependence, co-occurring disorders) from an anti-oppressive, liberation-based framework

-   Experience and openness working with clients who identify within the kink, sex positive, and relationship diversity community (ie., open relationships, polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy)

-   Agrees to complete a minimum of 24 clinical (+6 admin) hours per week providing ethical, competent psychotherapy services to individuals, groups, families, couples, and partnerships

-   Flexibility to work non-traditional hours: early morning, evening, and/or weekend appointments week based on mutually agreed upon schedule

-   Maintains timely case notes, treatment plans, logs, and all related administrative and clinical paperwork

-   Demonstrated competence in providing psychoeducational and process-oriented group therapy

-   Comfort networking and marketing self and Well Psychotherapy online and in the community

-   Participation in mandatory case staffing, consultation, supervision, and staff meetings

-   Assistance in creation and implementation of workshops, trainings and seminars, as opportunities arise

-   Commitment to a minimum of 2 years with Well Psychotherapy, as we are looking for clinicians who want to establish roots and grow with us

-   Commitment to ongoing education, training, and demonstrated success implementing modalities from a trauma-informed practice perspective

-   Excellent written and spoken communication skills

-   Strong organizational skills to manage productivity and clinical performance


Full time is considered 24 billable hours and 32 total hours minimum.

Well Psychotherapy utilizes a flat rate, hourly pay model that is briefly described below:

Clinical pay according to experience - base rates, offers vary based on qualifications

     -   Provisionally Licensed/Supervised clinicians (PLPCs, LMSWs) - $40 hourly

     -   Independently Licensed clinicians (LPCs, LCSWs) - $45 hourly

     -   Doctoral Licensed clinicians (PhD, PsyD) - $50 hourly

Admin pay - $20 hourly

Hourly pay translation to annual gross pay available upon inquiry.

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