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supervision + consultation

Well Psychotherapy believes education and collaboration are the cornerstones of building wellness into the fabric of a community. We are proud to offer various ways of teaching and learning from one another: 

Well Psychotherapy founder and owner Veronica Mollere, LCSW-BACS is a clinical supervisor for pre-licensed Licensed Master Social Workers in the state of Louisiana who are interested in and committed to a trauma-informed approach to their development as clinicians. Group and individual supervision are available, as are unique opportunities to develop expertise in the field of trauma + stress related disorders. For more information about clinical supervision, please contact:


Well Psychotherapy clinicians are also available and eager to share their personal areas of expertise in formalized consultation arrangements for fellow clinicians and mental health and healing professionals.

workshops + presentations

Well Psychotherapy therapists are engaged in professional development and ongoing learning and educating. Among us, we have a complex menu of presentation and workshop formats on topics including: Trauma-informed Care, Body-positivity, Domestic Violence, and more. See our groups, workshops, and events page for the most updated offerings.


Become a Friend of Well! We see the beauty and necessity of collaborating with and bringing curiosity and knowledge to a number of different groups and organizations related to the impact of traumatic stress on individuals, communities, and systems. We cannot do this work alone, and enlist the expertise of others in the field of healing traumatic stress - we welcome trauma-sensitive professionals in all fields to join forces in this effort: yoga instructors, nutritionists + dieticians, breathworkers, massage therapists, and more. We also invite you to present on your areas of interest and expertise to our staff to encourage referrals and collaboration.


If you are interested in consultation, our workshop + presentation offerings, or collaborating on a project, please contact:

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