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sarah refvem

sarah refvem

my practice:

I am a graduate student working towards my master’s in clinical mental health counseling at Loyola University of New Orleans. 


My hope for working together is to provide a space that will support the dignity of your inner knowing and facilitate connection and integration. I work from a narrative and somatic perspective which means that I view counseling as a collaborative process of learning about the stories of your life, what matters to you, how you see yourself, your life, the world, your strengths, and the problems you face. In working with these stories and what they mean to you, we will identify your preferred ways of being and how you can live in alignment with them. Including your embodied experience, with permission and compassion, in therapy can aid in making discoveries about yourself and living out preferred ways of being. 


I am in training to work with adults, individuals, and couples. Areas include burnout, trauma, spiritual/existential concerns, anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns. These areas listed are just some examples, ultimately, I seek to collaboratively define the problems you navigate in ways that are meaningful to you. My background also provides a critical understanding of the impact of historical and existing systemic trauma, violence, and oppression. I continue to work to integrate a feminist, de-colonizing, and de-pathologizing ethic. 


In 2017 I received a master’s degree in Public Health from Tulane University School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. Alongside this, I have received experiential training and/or certification in sound healing, meditation, Yoga Nidra/Non-Sleep Deep Rest, holistic nutrition, and the use of ceremony/ritual for the purposes of healing mind, body, and spirit.

Under supervision of University faculty and Veronica Mollere, LCSW-BACS

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