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kearney mcdonnell

individual therapist

my practice:

My work is rooted in a holistic, trauma-informed, and intersectional psychodynamic approach that seeks to find harmony between your head, heart, and hand. I work side by side with adults and adolescents seeking healing, balance, and personal growth through empathic and curious interrogation of self. The therapeutic alliance honors the full range and complexity of human emotions and experiences. In exploring the past and present, we enable ourselves to experience more clarity and agency in shaping our futures. Together we will strive to understand the strategies which have helped you so far, release patterns and cycles that no longer serve you, and build more adaptive pathways of being and relating. 


I collaborate with clients to make meaning of their experiences in the hope of knowing and actualizing the self. In doing so we engage questions of gender and sexual identity, racial and class identity, disability and personal expression. We confront what arises for you, including relational challenges, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, grief, illness, and ambiguous loss. Together we work to honor your complexity and that of the world around you, and to explore the dynamic and always evolving relationship between the two. 


I believe that our lives are our most brilliant, complex, and profound works of art. Living is a creative and expressive act, and my hope is to support you in realizing a life that feels honest and meaningful. I look forward to working alongside you to explore, celebrate, and evolve what that looks like with love, care, and bravery.

+ Kearney is provisionally licensed and under the supervision of Veronica Mollere LCSW - BACS 

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