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lauren mcgill

she / her

individual + group therapist

my practice:

As an art therapist and counselor with a foundation in community-based practice, I am dedicated to honoring my clients unique identity, strengths, and needs. I employ a narrative-based approach, creating supportive space for clients to express themselves, rewrite their stories, and reclaim agency over their lives.


In the face of an unjust world, my clients receive support in navigating uncertainties, aiming not just to survive but to truly live. Together, we embark on a journey of discovery, fortitude, and empowerment, focusing our therapeutic work on amplifying their voice, embracing their intuition, and building their inner sanctuary.

Since physical health often takes precedence, we can find ourselves neglecting our mental well-being, dismissing or delaying the help we deserve. If you're feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, or stuck it's time to reach out for support. Together, we can explore strategies to prioritize your wellness and find relief.


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