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Tyler Jones

tyler jones

he / his

individual, group, + relationship therapist

my practice:

I see counseling as a process in which you and I, having come to understand and trust one another, work as a team to explore and define present concerns, develop future goals for an improved life, and work in a systematic fashion toward realizing those goals. It is my role to support and assist you in exploring your past and present life experiences while helping you identify patterns in thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that can both inhibit and support your growth.

I work from an Interpersonal Processing, relational approach to therapy, with curiosity about your early relationships and family dynamics that contributed to the development of patterns and narratives. I provide an open and affirmative therapeutic space to explore the dimensions of who you are, whether that is individually or in relation to others.


I work with clients in a variety of formats, including families, couples or other nontraditional relationships, and/or individuals. I also conduct group therapy.


+ accepting clients + 

+ Tyler is provisionally licensed and under the supervision of John Dewell, LPC-S 

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