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friends of well

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Friends of Well are community providers from various backgrounds that maintain their independent practices but are formally committed to the mission and vision of Well. They work closely with our team to provide comprehensive care to those we serve by prioritizing referrals and diversifying services. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in collaboration!

Kerry Hegarty, LPC

trauma-informed therapist

Kerry provides individual + group therapy to adults in collaboration with Well Psychotherapy | 504.233.3093 | Psychology Today profile

Megan Alsop, PsyD

trauma-informed psychologist

Dr. Alsop offers psychological testing/evaluation services to help clarify diagnoses and guide or direct treatment, for a variety of clinical concerns, including PTSD and dissociation in collaboration with Well Psychotherapy | 504.780.1702 | bio @ Family Behavioral Health Center


Annie Yeh, MD

trauma-informed integrative psychiatrist

Dr. Yeh provides holistic, mind-body psychiatry to adults on a part time basis | 504.383.5362 |

Renee Bruno, MD

perinatal and reproductive psychiatrist

Dr. Bruno provides gender-sensitive psychiatry to adults one Friday a month at the Well offices | 225.615.8102

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