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couples + relationship therapy

Navigating the natural ebb and flow of life can be challenging. We all endure necessary losses and encounter change from time to time, but we don’t have to do it alone. We are social creatures; and while no two relationships are alike, many struggling relationships – whether they be familial, partnerships, business, or friendships – often have common characteristics. Difficulty communicating, weathering life-pressures like parenting, managing sexuality differences, and being honest about questions of trust are a few ways that relationships can hit roadblocks.


Whether you’re solo or partnered, investigating our patterns in relationships can be a powerful healing tool. Perhaps traditional or cultural norms feel restrictive for you, and you’d like to explore different ways of relating in a safe context. Well Psychotherapy supports all forms of relationships and gender and sexual identities, and considers you the expert on your life.


In fact, the therapeutic process itself can be a powerful template for healthy relationships. Well Psychotherapy believes that healing happens through the connection, collaboration, and communication inherent in therapy itself. If you’re feeling stuck in your relationships as partners or as an individual, Well Psychotherapy has tools to help you get moving again.

all of our therapists are trained in our unique trauma-informed approach to couple's counseling and relationship therapy,  our providers with specialized expertise in couple's therapy are:

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