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isabella goldman

she / her

individual therapist

my practice:

I have experience working with individuals and relationships managing everything from the daily pressures of life to psychotic episodes and crises. I use trauma informed techniques, somatic practices, and systems theories, to support a holistic and embodied sense of meaning and wellness. My goal is to support your compassionate self-actualization and ease the challenges of life and transitional events. 


We’ll take a collaborative approach that empowers you to engage in your life and healing with intention. Together, we will develop insight that can liberate you from restrictive patterns, aligning you with your values and purpose. By unburdening yourself in sessions and exploring mindful tools, we can meet challenges with confidence. 


I believe in the liberatory process of intersectional psychotherapy grounded in a person centered method that empowers your growth. 

+ Isabella is provisionally licensed and under the supervision of Amanda Tonkovich, LMSW BACS 


+ accepting clients + 

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