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welcome to well

where your "well" is our priority


we are a trauma-informed group psychotherapy practice providing counseling and therapy services to individuals, families, couples, relationships, and groups

in New Orleans in-person all of Louisiana by Telehealth

for children 6 and up, adolescents, and adults of all ages

what we believe


we believe that everyone deserves support

and space to be themselves


we believes that mental health is tied to

physical, emotional, and spiritual health


and we believe that we can work with you

to find wholehearted wellness



thinking about therapy but don't know where to start?


we believe counseling & therapy to be a powerful, transformative journey and an investment in overall well-being, but it's hard to know how, when, or where to begin...

therapy at Well Psychotherapy is:







together with you we work to make meaning, heal old wounds, and craft futures unbound by the past

let us help you find your well

all of our therapists are available for individual therapy, couple's therapy, relationship therapy

and happily offer free 15 minute consultations - click "make an appointment," then "I'm a new client,"

choose your preferred therapist, and sign up for an "Initial Consultation (Free)"

not a sign of weakness or failure,

or a place where we try to "fix you"... 

rather, we see you as inherently valuable and

capable of growing and using the capacities

you already have to move toward

self-awareness and actualization

 a safe, affirming, non-judgmental space

to explore thoughts, feelings,

core beliefs and capacities,

to develop self-care and coping strategies

and foster your growth and resilience

a space that does not hold individuals

accountable for systemic failures.

instead, we take an intersectional and systemic

lens to account for your dynamic experience

to overcome barriers and meaningfully

enact lasting change

what we do

individual | group | couples + relationship

individualized accelerated integration

supervision | consultation | collaboration



who we are

We are a growing team of counselors, social workers, and therapists who understand trauma and the way that life events affect people biologically, psychologically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.



We are driven by the passion to work creatively with clients and our communities to heal mind, body, brain, and collective experiences from the effects of trauma and adverse life experiences.



We approach psychotherapy relationally, supporting you as a fellow human. You will find ways to escape patterns of somatic, psychological, and emotional “stuckness” to find a new or renewed sense of self.



We engage our community in mutually exploring and defining healing from shared trauma.



Our commitment to ongoing learning, individually and as a team, and to best practices in the field of traumatic stress, help transform the expertise of lived experience into real healing.


+ accepting new clients | · waitlist available 

Veronica Mollere lcsw - bacs owner therapist headshot
Tyler Jones PLPC therapist headshot
Austin Davenport PLPC therapist headshot

owner, director

individual + group therapist,

EMDR + clinical hypnotherapist

individual, group,

+ relationship therapist

individual, group,

+ relationship therapist

Pao Roy LMSW therapist headshot

individual, group,

+ relationship therapist

Kearney McDonnell LMSW therapist headshot

individual therapist

Lauren McGill Headshot_edited.jpg

individual + group therapist

art therapist

sarah refvem_edited.jpg

individual therapist

telehealth only


individual + group therapist


individual + relationship therapist


individual + group therapist

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