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Liora Diamond

liora diamond

she / her

individual, group, + relationship therapist

my practice:

Sometimes internal and external pressure becomes too much to bear alone. My goal is to provide a contained space where you can begin to unburden and explore. You will set the pace as we explore the issues most important to you, including daily hardships, navigating relationships, and untangling pain past and present. I prioritize working from an understanding of your unique identity and worldview.


I work with adults, families, couples, and non-monogamous relationships. I find trauma, attachment, and systems frameworks helpful in making meaning of the human experience. This means I'm interested in exploring your internal world, embodied experience, important relationships, and the external structures impacting your life.


Together we will uncover processes and patterns at work and find ways to bring clarity and movement into your present and future.

 *waitlist available*

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