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Melody Barnum

Specialties & Expertise





Compassion Fatigue

Health Care Provider Trauma

Childhood Trauma

melody barnum

my practice:

As a counselor, I am honored to hold space for stories. There are times when our stories weigh heavy on us and we need someone to listen with compassion and collaborate on how to integrate the difficult stories into our lives. Through this process, it is important that we are seen, heard and empowered to grow and flourish in a non-judgmental brave space. 


At times we find ourselves facing trauma and grief we never envisioned facing. The upheaval caused by the change in the way we experience the world can have an overwhelming impact on our lives. Integrating talk therapy, Brainspotting and other trauma and grief treatment techniques provides an opportunity for processing and integration that can lead to a renewed sense of hope.  


There are many experiences and stressors in life that may lead us to seek out help. I believe my role as a counselor is to help people find a way to cope with distress in life and grow moving forward. Periods of transition in roles, careers and geographical locations can be overwhelming and as someone who has navigated all of those situations, I know that with help you can make it through.


I have been a midwife for many years and through that experience I have developed a special interest in the perinatal time period for families. The perinatal period is a time of vulnerability for the entire family and often brings up a lot of things to process and grieve as well as celebrate the changing dynamics. I have seen first-hand how trauma and birth trauma impact the perinatal experience. Additionally, as a provider, I understand the importance of birth workers and healthcare providers working through traumatic experiences they encounter in clinical situations. Compassion fatigue and burnout are common in birth work but are preventable. 


I am currently a Masters student in clinical mental health counseling with Wake Forest University. I have received additional training in the unique needs of the perinatal community through Postpartum Support International’s training for providers. I am also Phase 2 Brainspotting trained and working towards certification. 

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